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May 09, 2010



I cannot express to you how valuable this information is. So many people do not know the relationship between a green lawn and green water!

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I am a farmer and growing vegetables to sell. For more efficency i use fertilizers but while using them it is important to
keep it healthy because some fertilizers contain corruptive elements so i try to read everything about fertilizers and try
to keep my product healthy. I am grateful for those who gives information about fertilizers and anyone who
uses fertliziers should read about it, i also found another good guide which should be read too i think;


Tracy Slintak

We would all be better off to follow a healthy lawncare program. Check out the information at: http://www.healthylandscapes.com/

Phosphorus is an issue, but if used properly, by following the application rates on the package, sweeping up off paved surfaces, and leaving a buffer between fertilized areas and the water's edge, it is not a problem. This is the determination that many in the field have made, after pouring over all the latest research. One area that is a problem is erosion. P in the soil, when it is eroded, will dissolve in the water. Then it is available to make plants grow in the water.

If you use fertilizers, please use the ones recommended by the Earth Friendly fertilizer program, at the above web site, and follow their recommendations for application. If members would like to participate in the sticker program, and make sure that stickers are placed on the packages of these fertilizers in local stores, as well as educational materials posted nearby, please let me know- I would love to get this going in our area!
Tracy Slintak

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